Veja artes do jogo Skyrim 2017

Veja abaixo uma coleção de artes impressas à venda do jogo Skyrim.

Concept art for the Shrine of Azura, dedicated to the Daedric Prince Azura.
The Daedric Armor is a heavy set of armor players can acquire in Skyrim. This concept art piece shows that capable armor is not a luxury in the world of Skyrim
Art piece used in the marketing of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, showing the player-hero character (the Last) Dragonborn.
Art piece used in the marketing of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, showing the player-hero character Dragonborn using his ‘dragon shout’, one of the strongest magic spells, against a dragon.
The open-world gameplay of Skyrim provides a wide range of encounters between the player character and computer generated humans and animals. The concept art piece ‘A Chance Encounter’ explores how one of these may play out.
High Hrothgar is an ancient monastery found on one of the largest mountains in Skyrim. This concept art piece shows the entrance and exterior of the secluded building.
Concept art for the interior of the altar to Mehrunes Dagon, one of seventeen powerful Daedric Princes in The Elder Scrolls’ lore.
Warriors gather in front of Meridia’s Shrine. The concept art work shows the large statue of Meridia, one of the landmark statues in Skyrim.
Early concept art piece for a temple. Skyrim’s art team took great care to give a realistic feel to the Norse environment they envisioned for the video game.
Early concept sketch for Riverwood village, a Nordic village set in a valley. Encountered early on in Skyrim, it helps the player understand the basic (pre-industrial) economic and societal structures in the game.
In Skyrim, the player character is required to meet Mehrunes Dagon in the altar dedicated to him, an encounter first conceptualized in this art piece.
Early artistic imagination of a Shrine dedicated to Talos, the God of Man and War. The province of Skyrim has several of these statues.
Temple of the mythical Snow Elves, a once blossoming culture that mysteriously disappeared yet left enough cultural artifacts in the province of Skyrim to prove their existence.
Concept art sketch for Solitude, the capital city of the land of Skyrim.
Windhelm, once the capital of the north of Skyrim, is one of the largest cities in the video game. This concept art sketch helped imagining its properties as an imposing place sitting atop massive stone walls.


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